Meet The Staff


Each member of our team was selected because of their advanced skill, devotion to deliver exemplary service, and dedication to provide customized care. Our team stays current with leading trends through continuing education and we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art oral surgery services combined with a personal touch.





Administrative Staff

We realize how important the staff is to making your treatment a positive experience. Our administrative staff allows the smooth management of various patient needs by coordinating your care with your general dentist or specialist. They are well-versed in medical and dental insurance policies and coverage and understand the intricacies of both medical and dental insurance plans.  We accept most insurance plans.






DSC_0077_smallSurgical Staff 

Our surgical team is experienced and well trained in oral maxillofacial surgery with over 25 years of surgical experience; our surgical assistants are certified to assist in the administration of I.V. anesthetics within our state of the art office setting. They are certified in many more aspects of that create a safe environment for our patients including CPR and ACLS certification.  Patients are continuously monitored during and after surgery until they are ready to be discharged.







Meet our Head Surgical Assistant LINK (Belkis Calleja)

Belkis is the head of the Surgical team . She is multi-talented and is very dedicated to her patients and her job. She truly loves providing great dental care to our patients. What she loves most about her job is helping patients and seeing a smile on their faces when they leave our office.

 She has been working alongside Dr. Eisner for the past 30  years. We like to refer to her as his right hand. Together they create miracles in complex surgeries. She typically knows what the Doctor wants before he even ask for it. She is a team player that is always willing to help anyone in the office. She is equally proficient in assisting in administrative task. She is the one the administrator depends on to keep everything running smoothly when she is not in the office. Her dedication to the office is second to none.

Dr. Eisner, Sonny,  and Belkis  have known each other for over a quarter of a century and in watching them in action it is evident that they complement each other in making the practice run like hands on a clock.