Accelerated Orthodontics


Accelerated orthodontics is relatively a new way to move teeth faster than traditional braces. It can be applied in most cases where orthodontics is the chosen solution. While traditional braces take anywhere from one to three years to give you a great smile, accelerated orthodontics can give you a great smile in only three to eight months in most cases. Most important is to work with a team of oral surgeon (such as Dr. Eisner), orthodontist, and a Cosmetic general dentist that are experienced in this type of advanced treatment.


Overview: Accelerated Orthodontics


Accelerated orthodontics addresses the straightening, spacing, closing of gaps and repositioning of your teeth. The result is fast, usually only three to eight months. Accelerated orthodontics uses proven orthodontic and surgical techniques. This treatment involves a team of dental specialists that have been specifically trained in accelerated orthodontics.


Who is a candidate for accelerated orthodontics


If you’re an adult considering orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, accelerated orthodontics is a way to achieve a great smile in far less time than traditional braces. Many adults are choosing this solution as a way to speed up the process and avoid two or three years with braces. Accelerated orthodontics is effective in most cases where orthodontics is the recommended solution to correcting teeth for a terrific smile


About the accelerated orthodontic procedure


The accelerated orthodontic procedure involves a team of dental specialists that have been specifically trained in accelerated orthodontics. Typically you would be working with an orthodontist, Oral surgeon (such as Dr. Eisner, and possibly your cosmetic general dentist. These professionals should all have knowledge and experience in treating accelerated orthodontic patients.


Accelerated Orthodontics and Surgery


Accelerated orthodontics will involve some oral surgery within about a week after your braces are placed. Done under anesthesia, you will feel minor discomfort for a few days following the procedure, but it is overall less painful than traditional orthodontics. It is common to have an itching sensation in your gums initially as your teeth are moving much faster than with traditional dental braces.


You will have regular and frequent follow-up visits as you would with traditional braces to check for any adjustments that may need to be made. Your doctor may suggest a retainer to be worn periodically afterwards to keep your teeth in their new position.



Advantages of accelerated orthodontics


The biggest advantage is the three to eight months it takes to have a great smile, versus one to three years with traditional braces. Your teeth are assisted in moving faster with little loss of either root or bone support as with previous methods.

 Ask Dr. Eisner if the use of PRP/ Plasma would enhance your procedure

Disadvantages of accelerated orthodontics


If crowding is an issue, your teeth will need to be altered and “slimmed down” to create the needed room. Accelerated orthodontics is relatively new and requires special training for the doctors. This may make it difficult to find a doctor who has been trained and is highly experienced in accelerated orthodontics until the procedure becomes more common. Fortunately, you have come across our site and have found Dr. Eisner whom along with top orthodontist in the area are trained and experienced in the treatment of accelerated orthodontics.

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