Pediatric Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Eisner welcomes children with oral/maxillofacial needs to his practice. He has extensive experience in treating children and infants as young as a week old.
Services include treatments for facial infections, impacted, and misaligned teeth.
One oral problem seen in childhood is the medical term ankyloglossia, aka. “tongue-tied.” This disturbing problem is easily cured with a simple surgical procedure to release the tip of the tongue so that the child may speak words freely.
Failure to identify this problem early in childhood results in children being treated many hours by speech therapists without improvement in pronunciation. Since this is a physical ailment, resulting in the tongue being anchored to the floor of the mouth, the correct treatment is a lingual frenectomy. This allows the child to immediately pronounce words that he or she could not pronounce before. You could imagine the sense of relief for the patient and the parents after this immediate cure.