TAD (Temporary Anchorage Devices)

What is a TAD (Temporary Anchorage Devices)?


   A TAD is a miniature screw that we position in the mouth after recommendation from your orthodontist.  It serves as an anchor for moving specific teeth in the most controlled and predictable way possible.  TADs are made of a medical-grade titanium alloy.  This technique allows us to treat cases that were nearly impossible before this technique was developed and refined.  TADs also allow us to treat cases faster and better than ever before. There are many benefits including patient comfort. It reduces the need for more complicated procedures like the need for orthognatic surgery, extractions and uncomfortable appliances. It opens and maintains the space needed for future implants. Fortunately the procedure is typically tolerated well with only local anesthetics. In most cases the TAD only needs to remain in place for a few months. While TADS may not seem as a common procedure it has been used since 1983 and similar mini screws like this have been used for many decades. The development and refinement of TADS has only increased the use and education on this procedure. Our practice though has been involved with the use of TADS for a long period of time because we are fortunate to work with proactive orthodontist.