Biopsy/ Pathology Procedures




A biopsy is any procedure which is either incisional (small piece) or excisional (all of an area including margins) of tissue or bone is taken and be sent to a pathologist for examination to determine its origin.




Some bleeding is expected after any surgical procedure and is normal part of healing. If your procedure was done with the dental laser the bleeding will be milder as well as your recovery. In areas where gauze can be placed gauze will be provided so you can maintain your biopsy sight. If you have had a biopsy inside your mouth you will need to moisten your gauze, squeeze out excess water then place gauze in order to apply pressure to the area. If your procedure was outside the mouth you will need to hold gauze in place in order to apply pressure. Bleeding can continue for up to 72 hours after a procedure, especially if the area has been stimulated by movement. If any dissolving sutures have been placed in the mouth will dissolve on there own in 7-14 days. If a non-dissolving suture is placed you will be informed and you will be scheduled for a post-op appointment to remove them..


Rinsing / Wound Care


If your procedure was inside the mouth, you should rinse with warm salt water rinses starting the day after your surgery (1 teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water), 6-8 times a day for at least 1 week following the procedure to help promote healing and reduce inflammation in the tissue. If your procedure was outside the mouth you will need to keep it covered when you shower to keep it as dry as possible, changing the dressing regularly will help prevent infection but you should also allow the area to breathe so it will heal. In some cases an antibiotic ointment should be applied regularly throughout the day to keep the incision moist, this will help reduce scaring. If this ointment is appropriate for your care we will advise you. After your sutures are removed you need to apply sun screen to the area when outside or the scar will redden and be more prominent.

Use of our State of the art laser

If you had the oportunity to use our state of the art dental laser then your post operative time will be reduced. More specifically the bleeding, incision site, and swelling.


Refer to general Surgical Instructions

Biopsy Pathology Procedures